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New Adventures

I’m officially a wife! And soon to be a mother 🙂 the feeling is just beyond the word. To think that I have a creature inside my bump. How amazing!

And I can feel the changing both physically (of course) and mentally. I became more… should I say a mother-like mentally? I tend to nag more, and telling everyone to not to do this and that for the sake of their health & their good. I don’t really realised it but one of my officemate told me that I drastically change. In a good way of course. I like the fact that I’m being mother-like mentally now. But also, I’m being more sensitive over things. I got easily cried & hurted.

And I don’t tolerate things easily now. That’s when I realised, and understand about this quote,

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born

I know I am still 4 months to go less or more to be a Mother. But I felt like this mother-like mentality has grown up bit by bit inside of me.

Can’t believe this cutie little creature is curled up and growing inside my bump.

My little cutie pie and his/her heart beat graphs ❤️

Dear Lord, please take care of him/her until we welcome him/her to the world. And us as the parents-to-be, to be wiser and responsible towards what we do. So that we could be a worthy parents for our child-to-be 😊❤️



Simply blessed by God's love.

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