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If He Didn’t Want Me That Bad, Then Why He Brought Me To This World?

I never regret anything that has happened in my life. Ever. I cherish every moment, either good or bad. I thankful for all of them. For they’ve already made me what I am today.

But for once in my life, I regret that I was born in this kind of life. For being me. For being the part of this scenario of life. It’s just.. I don’t know. It’s not that I hate my life. No. Never thought about it before. I just can’t help but keep telling to my self, “Is Dad love me? Did he miss me? Did he ever say my name on his prayer?”. It hurts so much just to think about it. Can’t breathe.

Every day & night, I always keep him & his wife on my prayer. I do pray for him, really. I mean, no matter how worse he did to me, he still my Dad.

If he ever want me in his life, then why did he treat me like this? He never text me. Never call me. Even on Christmas & even worse, on my birthday.

Never mind. I still have tons of reasons to be thankfull to. No time for regretfull, sadness & grumbling. Hang in there, Nes! You know with God everything is possible! You can do it, Nes šŸ™‚
Like I said before, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have physical Father, you still have heavenly Father that love you sooooo much more than you do!

Be blessed! Be happy!
Stay young! And stay normal šŸ˜€

Agnesia, ox



Simply blessed by God's love.

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