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Forgiving: It DOES Mean That You Forgetting!

Hello, been a while since the last time I write something here. Been busy with uni stufss & work. You know, am working while in college. I took the working class anyway. So basically the uni things definitely won’t bother my working time.

Anyway, this morning when I wake up there’s a thought about ‘forgiving’ that suddenly came across my mind. Haha. No, I don’t know why. Well, its maybe I was saying so many times that I forgave him/her in fact I’m not. Cos I just couldn’t forget how they treat me & how hurt it was.

Some say: ‘Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting’. Hahaha. Funny. Practically, when you forgive someone, first you should forget what s/he has done to you, no matter how hurt it was so that you can forgive him/her sincerely. How can you forgive while you couldn’t forget?

The choice is yours πŸ˜€
Gotta go to work anyway! Namaste! Catch ya later!
Pssst! Will update you soon about BigBang Alive Tour on Indonesia 2 weeks ago! I was there anyway, on day 2 concert. Haha!

Be blessed! Be happy!
Stay young! And stay normal πŸ˜€

Agnesia, ox



Simply blessed by God's love.

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