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Performance Appraisal (Part II)

Been busy these days. The uni activities already started since 2 weeks ago 😀

Long week-end – they would never as long as our expectation, aren’t they? Got my day off from Friday to Sunday last week, it’s like 3 days off. And I just want more day off! Haha So. On Thursday, I had a performance appraisal. Reviewed by Mr. Manager and the representative from HR, let’s call him Mr. A. First person to be assessed was My Spv, Abdul. It took like an hour-ish, then he got out from the room with his typical big grin. He was like. “I made it. I got the 200,000 IDR voucher!” and I was like, “No wonder, he’s the master of bragging anyway”. And still wondering, where’d he get that confidence. Correction, OVER confidence. But sometimes it helps. It is helpfull I admit.

And finally, my turn.

Actually it should be anyone, there’s no rules like the one who worked the longest here have to be the first person to be assessed. So this friend, let’s call him P, just ran away right after Abdul got out from the appraisal-room, because in his humble opinion, he wasn’t ready yet. Then Mr. A was like, “Anyone, just come in” since there are just Abdul and me, so I just walked in to the room with confidence while grumbling inside, “Kampret lo, P” hehe.

In the apprasial-room..

Me knock knock the door | “Come in” | Me open the door | They were sitting there. Smiling, “Hi, Agnes”. And the tension was officially started.. They were asking me to introduce my self, tell them how long I’ve been here and what I’ve done to the company. Until it’s time to draw and explain m-stars’ values in the whiteboard.

The drawing part was perfectly smooth. Not until the explanation part. I was extremely stammering. For almost 2 hours-ish. Parah nyet. Duh. Trus they have some notes for me:

1. Self-confidence. I have to increase my self-confidence. Be not afraid to make mistake. And learn from it.

2. Show Passion. Actually me myself, still have no idea what exactly my passion is, but still figure it out tho. Some friends told me that my passion is presenting cos I’m sooo noisy and love to chirping. But actually I don’t have any specific skill – at least for now. I just want to love what I do. So that it becomes my passion.

That’s all. Oh by the way, making sales-kit is fun fun! And exiciting more likely thrilling cos I never done it before 😀 well see you guys when I see you. Have to go! Bye now 🙂



Simply blessed by God's love.

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