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Performance Appraisal (Part I)

I am shakinggg.. *well it’s normal I think a human being got nervous when it comes to their-first-time of everything* since it’s my very first time of performance appraisal as a worker, I am nervous. Not in the way that I’m scared for being interviewed with Mr. Manager and the representative from HR division, for around about an hour or something, but it’s more like.. Do I’ve done my best for this company so that makes me valueable to this company? Have I?

Last night I was studied about the company’s history. And it’s values and beliefs, it’s vission and misson.

This is m-Stars' MISSION
And this one is m-Stars' VISSION
Last but not least, these are m-Stars's values and beliefs 🙂 these three points I have to animate by heart as m-Stars' employee.

Man.. I’ve been 14 months here and I know nothing about my second home’s vission mission?! That is outrageous. And so pathetic. Let’s get this clear. I know what’s this company’s vission and mission so do the values. But that doesn’t mean I knew it by heart. I don’t animate it. So last night I write them down to my note and trying to animate it by heart. Hopefully it’s working.

Talk to you later *Mr. Manager already arrived from his breakky session*




Simply blessed by God's love.

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