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(Le premiere) Prolog

Hi everyones 🙂


Nice to greet you here. Finally, I made it. I mean, I already have this wordpress blog since like around about a year ago. But don’t have any effort to put something here – well since tumblr is so in these days. But I think I should. 

It’s 9:05 am. I’m at office. My friends have not arrive yet. There’s only me. Haha. I don’t know. But since Jakarta’s traffic jam is soooo famous, everyday would be so strange if there’s no traffic jam. Ironic. 

Well then, I have to go – got to listen to daily bread podcast – hahaha, before the Mr. Manager arrive. Actually a friend of mine gave me a daily devotional book it’s “New Day New You” by Joyce Meyer, I used to read it when I wake up in the morning. But this another friend asked me to borrow the book. It’s okay I think if she wants to borrow the book if it can be a blessing for her as much as it did to me 🙂 cos there’s a chapter at the book that said that if you want to help everybody else, start with what you have (I don’t remember it precisely – but it’s the closer that I can remember).

Okay then. I’ll stop here. See you when I think I want to put something here. 

God bless 🙂 and be a blessing for others.



Simply blessed by God's love.

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